totem tray denester

Iconic multiformat denester machine

What’s totem tray denester?

As you can imagine, the totem is a denster machine for the food processing. Our denesting technology allows to denest pastic trays, denest cardboards or even wood trays with the same denester. That’s why we call it a multiformat tray denester.

Need to denest dificult trays?

Altior denseting technology of the totem machine allows to denes those trays that till now where wrongly called “unmechaizable trays” because of the characterystics of those. Irregular trays, plastic trays with no separetion between or trays with irregular stacks are welcom to our tray denester.

Altior developed during years of I+D a very adaptable an reliable technology of retention that allows to us denest us what till now was impossible or a nightmare.

totem tray denester automatic buffer top view


This tray denester machine is based on suction cups powered by venturi vaccum generators. That’s the reason why the totem is a unique kind of denesting system due it’s particularities. But those particularities makes this one the most reliable and versatile tray denester of the market.

Let’s see some of the characteristics of the totem tray denester

No space required between trays

Vacuum pads denest

2 min format change

Up to 80 trays/min

totem tray denester machine

Friendly user denester machine

Make everybody’s that works with trays lifes easier is the main reason for the totem tray denester. For the user it means to format changes without regulations, a user friendly interface that helps the user in any moment that is required and, of course, have a better kind of work instead of put the trays one by one on a fast rhythm. For the producer it means sustain the productivity all the time.

The multiformat concept of this machine is based in vacuum pads manifolds and matrixes. A manifold is a part that has attached the vacuum pads needed to denest precisly positioned for every single format of tray. The matrix has all the elements necessary to ensure that the machine denests only one tray at a time. These two elements are regulated by altior, and ready to insert to the machine and start to work without being needed any regulation by the user.

Let’s denest your trays

Altior will pick up your trays on your facility then, test it in order to arrange a demo (presential or online) of the machine denesting your trays.


Some examples of trays

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